#120 Solving Moslo: DONE

October 12, 2018
Where there is genius, there is always super-genius nearby.


Sah did it! Now Moslo stays in check! If Gheralf does not abandon his spot. And if someone operates the dang thing. Forever.

“Quirks are part of the process,” Sah assures. “We just iron them out one at a time.”

Oh no, we forgot Moslo! Wait, that sounds wrong somehow.

The Scholar-Pioneers had come and struck... with BRILLIANCE!
Now we just need to keep Sah’s hands off of it. Forever.


Gheralf says:

And that is the story of how we fired Sah.

Not that we really employed her in the first place, I guess. She just wandered in and started doing her thing.


Vayandil says:

I had a hard time following Sah’s babbling on the second panel, but I drew as much as I could understand. There was a mention of Moslo’s legs. And rope. Something about tying them up… And everything else flew over my head. Maybe some of you readers understand better than we did?

By the way, I did not draw them on the comic, but there were multiple iterations of a “Moslo-stopper” before the one shown in the first panel. I was tired and my head spun enough already, so I decided to spare myself (and you) from all the devices that ended up in the scrap heap. Sah can disassemble them for her future projects.