#25 Stately Tower

December 16, 2016
This thing is just sitting on the middle of the city like it’s something important. Because it is.



Gheralf says:

The tower is so massive, it should be considered a city part of its own. Our journey to the top floor took approximately three days, although it is a bit hard to say for sure... I believe we lost the track of time on numerous occasions. Good thing there were several inns available.

There is even some state of the art magic in use. Portals that teleport you around, switches that open and lock doors, and illusions to warp your sense of direction. Still, I am not entirely sure whether the architects were trying to make the top floor hard to access or just show off.


Vayandil says:

For this comic, I used a lot of my own observations from when we climbed the tower. The ones I could remember, at least. Also added a couple of details from the interviewees descriptions, like the person sticking his head into a pipe and the head popping out in a different room. I did not find any pipes like that, only ones that were dark and smelled funny.