#12 Statues Are Made of Cob

September 15, 2016
Statues are made of cob. Cob is made of earth, sand and straw.


A cob artist has become famous and receives his first major assignment: to build a grand statue of the Captain of the Guard!

The statue is revealed and... oh no! Stupid pigeons!

Keep at it, cob artist! One day, your work shall become magnificent.


Gheralf says:

Artistry is hard work, and working with cob seems to be especially complicated when it comes to detailed works like this. It makes me question, why even choose such an unfitting material? Perhaps she enjoys the thrill of challenge, of ways to make the impossible the possible! Tell me, cob artist. Tell me what drives you!


Vayandil says:

I was a little nervous about drawing the night sky in the last panel, but it actually came out rather nice. As long as it is evident that the poor fellow is spending a night making adjustments to the statue. Her work actually paid off, since the contraption has now been standing there a few months without tumbling down. Personally, I think the statue looks way more magnificent now. There is just something very intriguing with how it all stays intact.