#304 Status Report

April 15, 2022
Here’s yer dang status report!


A crudely drawn map, with a tall tower in the middle and a wall surrounding it. Text on the ground reads: City of Buffet. A stick is drawing some holes on the wall.
Tuple: “The wall is broken and hobos are rampaging!”
Sharpie: “Not anymore. And the walls are being fixed.”

Same map as before. The stick is adding a mean-looking ball-shaped bird.
Tuple: “Oh, umm..."
Tuple: “Chicky is rampaging!”
Sharpie: “Yes, I saw that. What else?”

Same map again. The stick is drawing a couple of flags to the left of the tower.
Tuple: “The glup establishments were taken over!”
Sharpie: “Taken over? By whom? Why?”

Three owl characters. From left to right: Tuple the guard kneeling and shivering on the ground, Smugastut the guard standing angrily, Sharpie the undercover detective standing cross-handed.
Smugastut: “It was some stupid group! Some revolution whatever!”
Tuple: “Our regulatory glup time! CANCELED!”
Sharpie: “Revolution..?”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

And here are your culprits from the previous comic:

Old owl person sitting and smiling.
Harvain Treestarer


Harvain used to be an adventurer who happened to be come by some very convenient wealth. That wealth has been sitting away, awaiting for a day like this, to be deployed as a weapon of mass charming against the hobos.

Sneaky-looking owl person handing broken cards towards the viewer.
Dollar Nowmore


Dollar is just one of the many hobos earning their pay with daily card games. She got somewhat infamous a time ago for forging her cards by writing different numbers onto them with a writing stick.

A proud-looking owl person posing their side of the face towards the viewer.
Filkk Fantastico

“Mystery Horse”

The Mystery Horse himself. He and his troupe are some of the people who retain an unauthorized dual-citizenship between the Outer City and Slums.

A bored-looking owl person crossing his arms.
Sharpie Whopper


And finally, the head honcho. Sharpie is a cookie-loving detective who walked out of the DLEP office to fulfill his one long-time mission: to prevent any and all hobo insurrections by infiltrating the Slums.

There are quite a few other people working with him. We’ll be seeing some of them eventually.