#376 Sticks Against Revolution

September 1, 2023
Ever tried using sticks against a revolution? It doesn’t seem to work very well.


A horde of guards storm through the hole in the tower floor, straight at the group of black-clad revolutionists.
Guards: “Get in! Das Law is WORD!”

The guards are closing in on the revolutionists. The foremost guard raises her stick up, ready to smack a cloaked opponent. The revolutionists take a martial arts defensive stance.
Guards: “Protocol #74!”

The guard swings her stick, but the revolutionist dodges nimbly and grabs the stick in their hands.
Swinging guard: “Protocol #1! Protoc–”

With a swell rotating motion, the revolutionist nabs the stick out of the guard's hands.

Continuing their motion, the revolutionist swings their newly acquired stick at the guard's head. A couple of other revolutionists have also disarmed some other guards. The rest of the guards are not swayed and rely on the power of following the protocol.
Guards: “Protocol #1! Protocol #1! Protocol #1!”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

And here’s your periodic lesson on DLEP protocols:

Protocol #74: Secure this area, don't let anybody in.
Protocol #1: Hit it with the stick.

Obviously, the latter is a very important protocol.