#283 Stygian Manifest

November 19, 2021
That is quite a manifest. Now if it only were real.


Stygian Lord standing on roof with 4 comrades.
Stygian Lord: “Citizens of Buffet! We are the Stygian Parliament!”

Stygian Lord still standing on roof, holding his hands out. Silhouette of the Stately Tower is in the background.
Stygian Lord: “We are behind the fall of the Stately Tower. But that is not all we will do!”

View of the streets: a few guards are tying up a criminal, people are walking by nonchalantly, a child is staring and pointing at the Stygian Lord and his group.
Stygian Lord: “Soon, we will attack the tower, ascend to the top, dislodge the highest Lordish floor from its place and send it flying into the sky! And while at it, fulfill our grand goal: dispersion of the title of Lord of the Realm...”

Stygian Lord’s menacing face close-up.
Stygian Lord: “...and the total annihilation of Das Law!”

View of the streets: the citizens continue unfazed, but members of the Das Law Enforcement Party turn their gazes at the Stygian Lord. A child looks amazed.

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

So, did I sound absurd enough? Remember, my parliament: it’s important to choose your words, not so that you speak of your true intentions, but what makes your opposition react in a manner that benefits you.

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

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