#363 Taking the Fogies

June 2, 2023
Grab your skulls!


Das Attendant in the foreground, walking towards the door while holding a pile of shining coins in their arms. Lordish Secretary in the background, back towards the viewer, looking at the three skulls in front of her.
Das Attendant: “The thing is, if the Delegate had said no, then we’d have to keep pleading. But absolutely anything else counts as a yes. Even silence!”

Having gotten out of the room, Das Attendant keeps walking while explaining the logic behind getting a yes to their plea. A little owl child has found a coin hill in front of the door and is swimming in it.
Das Attendant: “But it IS required that the plea be made in front of the Delegate. And the Delegate’s title is eternal until revoked by passing it to– Belli, you coming? I got your portion, too, don’t worry about it.”

Lordish Secretary emerges from the door as well, but she is carrying the three skulls. Another owl child slides down the coin hill.
Das Attendant: “Why the skulls?”
Lordish Secretary: “Eh wot, let’s not forget the old fogies again.”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

It’s bad enough that you forgot them once.

It’s not like your offices are right next to each other or anything.