#322 Tango For One Hundred Forty-Six

August 19, 2022
Why tango with two when you can tango with SO MANY PEOPLE!


Tranquil city scene with owl people cleaning up and repairing damages to their houses.

Same scene as before, but now a tall, unstable tower made of jesters is running through it.
Jesters in unison: “Look at me! Way up high! Over here! In a tree!”

Tranquility resumes, the rebuilders looking at each other in confusion.

Giant ball-shaped and long-legged bird, Chicky Fluffballs now runs through the scene, step dancing in joy.

Tranquility is back in the city, only now filled with more giant bird's down than ever before. And houses are smashed even more so. One of the rebuilders mourns for a plank she had been carrying, now snapped into three pieces.

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

The Stygian Parliament would like to express its gratitude to Sharpie and the jesters.

For further escalating the chaos and mayhem happening in the city.