#211 The Ascent

July 10, 2020
A reporter that doesn’t waste film does not care about quality!


*images of chickens climbing a wall and one falling back down*

Superb reporting, assistant reporter Cacko!
This calls for a promotion!

SFX: *stamp*

“Hello. Did you know you can be an official citizen of Buffet?”

Tell me more!

Gheralf says:

Turns out the villagers are really good with their hands (feet? toes?). We managed to commission a “Cacko stamp” from one of them!


Vayandil says:

While Cacko was down reporting, we crafted an official reporting certificate for her. It ensures her complete freedom to report and should keep her from legal trouble.

The backside contains our contact information, so if she ever manages to get lost, people can return her to us.