#102 The Aviatar

June 8, 2018
He embodies the eight Virtues of the Shiniest Mullets.


I! Am! The! Aviatar! On sacred quest!

Food? Coins? Boot?

I park magic carpet… somewhere!


Gheralf says:

IT IS THE AVIATAR! All the childrens’ puppet shows in Buffet tell of his tales!

Those legends claim that he goes back home to some other land when he is no longer needed, only to return here when the realm needs him once more! This has earned him the nickname “Stranger from Another Realm.”

He has been doing that for hundreds of years now, seemingly without aging much, so there are some speculations among my friends and I that he may actually be a different person every time.

Of all the things interesting in him, the curiosity to trump them all is the bag on his belt. He already pulled a bunch of bananas and a backpack for Cacko from it. What more does it hide?!


Vayandil says:

Just my luck to have just decided to ignore everyone we meet and then we go and stumble on Gheralf's number one hero. What if I said I was banking on that particular luck to happen? After all, a guy like Aviatar would be able to take us home, if Gheralf's blabberings are to be believed.