#47 The Gathering Festival

May 19, 2017
Surely card playing is a hobby worthy of celebration.

Gheralf says:

Seeing so many hobos scrambling about, it does feel like they are doing almost as much daily work as any of us medians. So I began to wonder, how come almost none of them ever get hired by us medians?

You should think about that.

Us? Well... our job is related to fine arts like writing and drawing, so I do not think we could offer any work that the hobos could do. Also it does feel a bit strange entrusting this kind of work to complete strangers. Somebody else should definitely be the one to explore this amazing possibility.


Vayandil says:

Many medians are curious about the Gathering Festival, so there are always people sitting on the city wall during the event. Most just want to witness a whole district being torn apart in a matter of hours, but some like to stay and watch the games take place. No median wants to go there to get cheated, but there have been rumors of veterans who regularly dress up in rags and take part in the festival.