#16 The Hobos

October 14, 2016
Let’s have a look at the hobos that inhabit and upkeep the Slums.


Surrounding our city of Buffet, just outside its walls, lies an area made mostly out of shacks and piles of stuff. This is the Slums.

The primary habitats here are the hobos: People who have for various reasons fallen out the common society, and people coming in from nearby areas.

Even though people here are essentially outcasts, the Slums operates like an actual city with its people handling various jobs to make living possible.
Oh, don’t mind us, we’re just strolling by!


Gheralf says:

Few people are born as hobos. The vast amount of people living here are those coming from within the city or far away from it. Leaving the Slums is not hard if you plan to go travelling, but climbing back to median society can be a daunting task, for reasons that we will explore in the future.

Family. This same unit is used in all areas of Buffet. The difference in the Slums however, is that theirs are rarely related by blood or heritage. These “families” seem to be formed of friends, like-minded individuals, and people met in dire situations... or at times of need.


Vayandil says:

The previous Sharpie comic was so simple that it was a little funny to draw something more complicated again. Hopefully I managed to at least illustrate the city of Buffet well enough that its structure becomes clear. We will take a look at all the layers of the city - I am sure the tall buildings in the middle may have piqued curiosity in some of you.