#56 The Legend of Gareus

July 21, 2017
Who would have known that such a mundane item can have such a strange story behind it.


One day a creature popped up. It spoke in an odd language and made strange hand signs.

Everybody were mostly interested in the item on its back. It was dubbed “gareus”, in honor of the creature’s favorite word.

One day the creature suddenly vanished. His memory lives on in the form of all the gareuses around the realm.
Although nowadays people just call them back-baskets.

Disclaimer: Gareus character is copyright of Shaun Garea and Estrata Productions


Gheralf says:

The word “gareus” is somewhat deprecated. Not many use it anymore. Anyway, this is quite an interesting tidbit of history.

The legend goes that the foreign creature was to be crowned as the current Lord without having to wrestle for the crown or cape. That sounded very odd to us. Further study revealed that such was the usual method during those days!

We have a theory that the sudden disappearance of the creature right before its crowning caused panic and, not knowing what to do with the situation, people have been fighting nonstop for the title of Lord ever since.


Vayandil says:

Someone had been wise enough to draw a few detailed pictures of the creature, so we know pretty well how it looked like. Even though the creature definitely had an impact on our culture, no one really knows that anymore, aside from us who are willing to dig into dusty archives. Thus I am happy we have brought this one into daylight and eager to see what else we find about how our society has developed.

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

Assuming that you’ve made your way here starting from the first comic, you now probably have a good grasp of the concept of “incompetent leadership”. If that concept fascinates you so much that you want more, then you may want to check The Legend of Gareus.

It is a tale of a man who is the very embodiment of the phrase, and his sidekick hasn’t fallen too far from the tree either.