#17 The Lofty

October 21, 2016
Some are poor, some are fine, but these guys sure are lofty!


Some people are better off than the rest of us. We call them the lofty. You recognize them because they live in houses that are built on top of other houses.

All their houses are connected with a series of logs. Walking through the Inner City means visiting almost every home on the way.

Sometimes the lofty fall down. This is quite an event among us medians.


Gheralf says:

Amongst the lofty, it is considered wasteful to destroy the old. So they just build new things on top of old things. This is why the Inner City towers above the rest of us.

To be honest with you, we do not exactly know what is going on up there. All our information comes from what we can see from down here, and from the folks that fall down but are never retrieved. Most of them are not very talkative about their past.


Vayandil says:

"Stay high, friend!" That is how a lofty greets, pointing a finger skyward. We know this thanks to the descenders, who habitually use the greeting even though they do not live in the Inner City anymore. The lofty also tie up their sleeves and hems to prevent the wind from flapping the clothes, minimizing the risk of falling down.

Most of the other parts in this comic I had to gather from vague explanations and my own observations from under the Inner City. There does not seem to be any "official" way to get in the Inner City and the lowest houses are so high up that using a ladder proved to be impossible to us. Maybe if somebody made a breakthrough in befriending the greater owls...