#33 The Mystery Horse

February 10, 2017
Fighting crime is so much easier with a mask and some infamy.


This is the Mystery Horse. He glides around the city at night with his trusty troubadours.

Behind the mask we find Filkk Fantastico, a peerless ice-breaker!

His character is based on the horses seen in children’s storybooks. All the crooks seem to find that very scary.


Gheralf says:

Horse! The mysterious four-legged animal with a long face and a single horn on its forehead. They are very common in children’s storybooks. Even though it is said that the horses in those books are inspired by an actual creature, there are no (trustworthy) people who would have ever actually seen one.

The Mystery Horse, aka Filkk Fantastico, is a local hero-adventurer. The rumor says that he is an extraordinary fighter, but I guess his fame precedes him so that local thugs know to avoid rather than to confront him.


Vayandil says:

This one must have been the hardest to draw so far. Not because of detailing, but because Mr. Fantastico was very particular about how his image is presented. Especially the second panel was a pain; I drew him at first further away to show off his ice-breaking skills. It was too far for Mr. Fantastico, because his face had to be as detailed as possible, so I drew a close-up of him posing. But he still wanted to keep ice-breaking action in the same panel, so I put in the ice block as well. And just drew his fist on it.