#335 The Race Begins

November 18, 2022
It’s time to point fingers and run into places and sit in places.


Sharpie the detective is drawing a long line on the ground with a stick. Five assembled guards stand in line, listening to Sharpie’s instructions. Tuple and Smugastut the guards stand on the side as well.
Narration: “One trip to basement later.”
Sharpie: “Lissen now. Yer the leads for our five teams.”

A huge hoard of guards running into a tower through a hole in the wall. There are citizens queuing for the tower and wondering when they get to go in.
Sharpie: “Team 1! Protocol #91. You gotta reach the top before the revolutionists!“
Guards: “Word!”

A city scene with wooden houses, dirt streets and a wall. Many guards are patrolling there, vigilantly watching out for any suspicious activity.
Sharpie: “Team 2! Walls! Team 3! Streets! Team 4! Roofs! Protocol #0!”
Guards: “Word!”

Last team of guards sitting inside the circle Sharpie just drew beside their headquarters. Sharpie points at the group determinedly, while the remaining guards, Tuple and Smugastut included stand behind him.
Sharpie: “Team 5! Protocol #105 in this circle right here!”
Guards: “Word!”

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Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

And so, the race is on.

Good luck. Have fun.