#50 Thunderstorm of Sudden Puffs

June 9, 2017
Thunderstorms are, at times, quite the feather-raising experience!


Dark clouds in the horizon. Hopefully they will not be coming this way.

They are! A warning is hooted: “Stop everything right now!”

Too late. Everybody has gone puff.


Gheralf says:

The TSPs are slightly different from regular thunderstorms… mostly in that they cause everybody to suddenly go puff. Normal thunderstorms do not do that.

We have not yet been able to distinguish TSPs from regular thunderstorms, so a warning hoot is given every time just in case. Hopefully we will crack the secret some day.

The Warner Hooters, shown in today’s comic, are volunteers who try to be on the lookout for these kinds of hazards during their daily life. When they notice trouble, they climb onto nearby rooftops to give a mighty hoot.


Vayandil says:

Badly ruffled plumage is not exactly hazardous, but it is highly uncomfortable. First people have to wait in shelters for the storm to subside (getting the feathers wet would only make the damage worse) and after that follows hours of mass grooming. As such, everything in the city might halt for a long while until everyone gets their feathers back in place.

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

If you ever yearn for a place where you feel safe and slightly uncomfortable simultaneously, the Nawncentz Inn might be a place for you.

What Nonsense tells about the place. It’s a story that... doesn’t really go anywhere, and yet keeps being really captivating at the same time. Not everyone likes these kinds of tales, but I personally felt I couldn’t put it down.

They have an interesting bunch of loonies, whose pasts begin to untangle very carefully. If you find this kind of thing captivating, please go and read it.