#13 Time to Go Bananas

September 23, 2016
Bananas are for owls?


Eating nothing but rats can get tiresome. People have tried tasting all sorts of other things. Such as bananas.

A local fruit vendor is coming up with ways to win this year’s Yummiest Thingies Competition. She decides to paint the bananas. That is not going to work, fruit vendor.

Do you like owls? Proclaim your love to the world!


Gheralf says:

There is something seriously wrong with the judging of this competition. Oh well.

Speaking of bananas, they sure are a fruitful! Unripe bananas can be dried and milled to make the basis for baked goods. Ripe bananas are soft and easy to eat as is, and can be mixed into other foods or even made into drinks. Gone overripe, a banana becomes even sweeter! Truly it is a thing of the Heavens.


Vayandil says:

We got a chance to have look at the designing process that went down for the victorious solution. I drew down some of the stuff I witnessed and put them into the second panel, even though I had mostly no idea what it all meant. I think the key is on the paper with petals and a sketch of a rat. This is just my theory, but maybe she was aiming for a shape that appeals to our primitive needs?