#341 Top Check

December 30, 2022
Let’s see what we can find around here. Wherever here is.


Sharpie the detective standing on the tower merlon, looking for something around him. Tuple the guard is standing just behind him, holding a coal pencil and a piece of paper in hands. A group of guards are discussing in the background.
Guard 1: “Does anybody know what a ‘rimram’ is?”
Guard 2: “We have a dictionary back at the HQ!”

Sharpie has moved on top of another merlon, slapping its surface with his hand. Tuple follows behind him. The guards continue their discussion.
Guard 1: “Genius! Go fetch it!”
Guard 2: “Umm… Where did the HQ go?”

Sharpie has yet again moved on top of another marlon, jumping on it. Tuple keeps following him.
Guard 1: “What is this place?!”
Guard 2: “Almost looks like the top of the Stately Tower…”
Guard 1: “That’s nonsense!”

Sharpie is pushing a top stone of a merlon, which seems to break loose from the structure. He motions towards Tuple, who hands him the pencil and the piece of paper.
Guard 1: “The HQ was right there just a moment ago!”
Guard 2: “Hey, look, Piff is downstairs! Hello, Piff!”
Sharpie: “Gimme.”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

So, Top Hat can teleport people around to one of these roosts by shouting a simple two-word incantation tied to that roost. One of the few but powerful perks of being the leader of the Royal Ears of Disk.

If it wasn’t abundantly clear already, one or both of the words are supposed to be rare or confusing, so that the simple-minded have hard time grasping what was said.