#338 Top Hat Speaks

December 9, 2022
The tree speaks!


A fake tree crafted from various log pieces nailed together into tree branches and attached to a tall log. The fake branches have various decorations, including a stuffed toy pigeon, leaves from multiple different tree species, a rose bush, a boot and flowers. The tree stands on a giant owl person's, Top Hat's, head. She is speaking with Sharpie, the undercover detective. Tuple and Smugastut stand in the back, stunned by the magnificence of the crafted tree.
Sharpie: “What’s up, sis?”
Top Hat: “I’ve been better! My ears were in shambles!”
Sharpie: “Got ’em fixed yet?”
Top Hat: “Yup! My ears are in place!”
Sharpie: “And the roosts?”
Top Hat: “Throne Room roost is secure! We can go any time!”
Sharpie: “And the one in DLEP HQ?”
Top Hat: “It’s… close enough!”
Sharpie: “Great. Now sit down. My neck’s startin’ to hurt.”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

Fun fact: Top Hat’s only the third biggest person in the city.

Unless you include the hat.

Then she's the second biggest.