#339 Top Siblings

December 16, 2022
Let’s talk about adoption.


An introduction frame introduces our tree-hatted owl person.
Text: Muggie Whopper – Top Hat of Royal of Ears of Disk
Tuple the guard peaks from the side and looks excited.
Tuple: “Whoa!”

Top Hat is sitting in front of Sharpie the undercover detective. They both turn their attention at Tuple.
Tuple: “Sharpie! You have the same surname!”
Sharpie: “Ain’t it obvious that we’re siblings?”

Zooming slightly on Top Hat and Sharpie we get to compare the two siblings. Top Hat is many times larger than Sharpie and they have different colored eyes, among other obvious differences.
Top Hat: “I’m the little sister!”
Sharpie: “I’m the big brother.”
Tuple: “Which one’s adopted?”

Side shot of the three owl people conversing. Smugastut the guard has joined the scene to look at Tuple with tired eyes.
Top Hat: “Neither!”
Tuple: “Oh, okay! I see!”
Top Hat: “We have the same parents!”
Tuple: “It’s okay to not want to talk about it!”
Top Hat: “Bro, back me up!”
Sharpie: “...”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

Bro gives up.