#336 Top Team

November 25, 2022
Of all the teams, this is the one going for the top.


Sharpie the detective standing in the middle, gesturing to the guards around him to get closer.
Sharpie: “An’ the rest of ya’ll are with me. Team 6! Gather ‘round.”
Guards: “Word!”

Diagram drawing of a tall tower. Three items are depicted in it: revolutionists climbing the wall of the tower, Team 1 of guards running up inside the tower and Team 6 of guards and Sharpie standing on the ground, being appointed to the very top of the tower.
Sharpie: “Our job’s to secure the top of the tower. We’ll keep watch from there and hinder the revolutionists’ ascent. And when Team 1 catches up... Then they’ll face the full force of DLEP!”

Silence falls as the guards look confusedly at each other and up at the tower, wondering how they would be able to manage a quick climb to the top of the tower.

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

Oh no, not the full force of the Das Law Enforcement Party.

Whatever shall we do.