#385 Tower Descent

November 3, 2023
This sure is a tower that can be ascended or descended.


Smugastut the guard, running and carrying Sharpie the detective on their shoulders, grabs an oar from an innocent bystander.
Smugastut: “DLEP business! Don’t expect it back!”

Smugastut slides down a rope using the acquired oar. Some other owl person is riding a kettle-like device up another rope.

First image: Smugastut dashes between a couple of cloths. Second image: They almost stomp on a little chick.

First image: Smugastut climbs a steep rock, while the chick is following them. Second image: Smugastut runs through a corridor with multiple doorways. Another chick notices them. Third image: Smugastut runs down a wall. Third chick notices them.

Smugastut swims through the upper branches of trees, all the while three chicks keep tailing them. Fourth chick notices them. Sharpie helps out by carrying the oar for once.

First image: Extreme closeup of Sharpie. Second image: Extreme closeup of Smugastut. Third image: Closeup of the tailing chicks. Fourth image: All of them lie down on grass.

Collage of Smugastut running on various kinds of surfaces.

Collage of the chicks running on various kinds of surfaces.


Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

DLEP taketh, DLEP giveth.

But mostly, DLEP just taketh.