#199 Town Wellbeing Barometer

April 17, 2020
Even if you’re not having a good time, surely mostly everyone else is having a good time!


After a while, the Town Wellbeing Society member has gained a good impression of the household’s living conditions.
If there is room for improvement, the member leaves a note of suggestions before moving on.

Next, it is time to gather (at a burrow chosen by a raffle) and discuss the state of the current area.

Then, a colored flag will be raised. Its color will declare the wellbeing situation of the vicinity.
White: All is good. Grey: So-so. Black: Help.

“Everything is great! No problems whatsoever!”
Apparently one anomaly does not really show up in their barometer.


Gheralf says:

The colors of the flags were actually white, yellow and red.

Sadly, our comic can’t handle such colors.


Vayandil says:

I forgot to draw the society members' flowery shoulder bands so many times while drawing this strip… But the power of post-production saved the day once again and so no one will know about my plunder!

...Except now that I have declared it here...