#198 Town Wellbeing Society

April 10, 2020
If you’re having a good time, surely everybody else is having a good time as well.


A visitor in Hekkawip’s gloomy residence? Turns out this part of the village will be scrutinized by the Town Wellbeing Society!

Members of the society do not have a permanent residence. Instead, they roam from area to another, living in the burrows of others for a few weeks.

They also partake in daily work. But the most important thing is measuring the village’s overall wellbeing:
If the members are having a good time, they can conclude that all is well around here.


Gheralf says:

The Burrows is a village, but this group is called “Town” Wellbeing Society.

We decided to ask the members about it. They looked at each other for a moment, and then dispersed. They haven’t talked to us since. What is this? Some kind of embarrassing, dark secret?


Vayandil says:

The inspection at Hekkawip's is not looking too good. How will that affect the goodness score? Stay tuned, for we will report the results next!