#24 Traversing Lord of the Realm

December 9, 2016
Being the Lord of the Realm is pretty much a desk job. Just without a desk.

Gheralf says:

Even though keeping your role as the Lord of the Realm is really hard if you leave the throne unattended, there are many who have successfully done so. Citizens have seen numerous Piffs taking strolls on the streets, and adventurers report seeing them once or twice as far as at the volcanoes.

The more cautious Piffs just settle for walking in circles on the roof of the tower.


Vayandil says:

It is a fact that some of the Piffs have relatively loyal followers helping them to stay in power. Loyalty is usually earned with money, but some of the followers actually are just good friends who want to aid their Lord. Either way, having followers does not seem to prolong an individual's reign by much.