#3 Two Kinds of Pigeons

July 7, 2016
Even stupid pigeons can be pretty useful.

Gheralf says:

The fire-burping pigeons are theoretically not aggressive. However, they tend to panic easily and go into a hazardous frenzy. Not to mention that they like being in a flock, and when one starts panicking, so do the others... This should come as no surprise, considering all the fire that's flying around.

There are tales of adventurers who had to eat their boots while hiding in a cave for days before the pigeons calmed down.


Vayandil says:

In the middle picture you can see a brand new statue that was just recently revealed to the public. Of course, the pigeons took it over as soon as the concealing blanket was pulled off. For some reason they have zero interest on covered statues and it is always an event when a flock of stupid birds simultaneously realize a new perching potential. Someone might think maybe the pigeons are attracted by the straws sticking out of the statue, but the same happens regardless of the material. It just needs to be a statue.

We will talk about our sophisticated arts and crafts later in our comics, so I will not tell any more details here. Only that it takes tremendous skill to sculpt a statue seen in this comic and also make it stay intact.