#303 Vanishing of Hobos Explained

April 8, 2022
Hobos come and go. Here’s how!


Lots of scruffy looking hobos noticing something amazing. Some of the hobos are gasping and running to grab square-shaped coins that are falling from a back basket that's being carried by an old fellow with giant eyebrows.
Narration: A short while ago, behind the wall.
Hobos: “Do I hear chips?! CHIPS! MONEY! I NEED!”

Giant crowd of hobos storming to the right, passing by a scruffy character named Dollar, who is holding out playing cards and wearing one card on her head.
Dollar: “HEY-HEY! The Gatherin’s starting! Move it, people! It’s play time!”

Filkk, character with black face and dirty sleeveless shirt, stading stoically and talking to group of hobos. Filkk's two assistants are standing behing him, pantomiming apologetic and requesting gestures.
Filkk: “Seriously, guys. You know we’re being a nuisance, right?”
Standing hobo: “Aww, I just wanted to see!”
Filkk: “Please go back.”
Leaving hobo: “Oh, alright...”

Sharpie, thinking: “Good work, everyone.”

Close-up illustration of Sharpie the undercover detective's face. Two guards, an unnamed one and Smugastut standing far in the background.
Sharpie: “I said it’s under control. Now gimme my status report.”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

This “Hobo Anti-Uprising Squad” may not feel too familiar, but you have surely met them all before.

I’ll give you until the next comic to think about it.