#291 Wall Breach Protocol

January 14, 2022
It’s still okay! Most of the wall is still standing!


Smugastut: “Stop! In the name of Das Law!”

Tuple: “There’s so many of them!”
Smugastut: “Stop crying, Tuple! You know the protocol! PUSH!”

Sound: BOOM!

Tuple: “It’s the end! They’ll trample all the flowers and drink all the glup!”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

For any who might be interested, protocol #9 (more commonly referred to as the Wall Breach Protocol) is applied whenever a hobo attempts to pass through the wall from Slums into the Outer City.

The law behind the protocol instructs to push the hobos back to the other side of the wall and keep them there by any means necessary. Yet, protocol #9 itself only entails pushing using one’s hands or the guard’s stick, and then using whole body or guard’s stick to block the hobos.

Like most protocols, they tried to keep things simple to make it easy to teach and remember. What the DLEP doesn’t realize is that perhaps they shouldn’t be recruiting members who cannot remember complex instructions in the first place.