#274 Wonders of Good Riddance

September 17, 2021
Now witness these wonders.


Stygian Lord leading Cacko and Deecee onwards.
Stygian Lord: “If you’re looking for a scoop, there is plenty to find here.”
Stygian Lord: “But you need a keen eye and a little adventurous spirit...”
Stygian Lord: “Come. Let me show you.”

Sign: Village of Tiny Creatures That Only Build Rock Formations
Cacko poking a tiny rock formation with a stick.
Sign: Cob Statue Graveyard
Cacko in awe of the many cob statues. A singular pigeon existing on top of a cob statue.
Sign: Flying Broccoli Monster
Cacko panicking from seeing the massive broccoli monster.

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

It is good to help people in need, isn’t it.