#239 Woodchuck Family with Tasty Advice

January 22, 2021
It’s not the advice that’s given, but the advice you hear.


The Woodchuck family invited us for refreshments under their roof. (Well, under their floor actually.)

The blabbermouth of the bunch gave us an amazing tip!

“This whole heckin’ treeland is a mixed bag of every sort of people you can’t think of. They come for a better life, but won’t respect the inevitable!”

“We get along, though. Except those meddlesome peeps! Stay clear of them! They’re all ruffians with no respect! Or common sense!”

“No sane person pops out like that! All dirty and covered in big, fat bugs! Bleh!”

”Avoid their turf at all costs! Use the road to the east. You’ll thank me!”

That was some juicy advice! Let’s get going!


Gheralf says:

Bug-covered, huh.




Vayandil says:

This is convenient! I was just thinking we should start looking to refill our travel supplies!