#145 Write It Out Loud

April 5, 2019
Paper, meet writing sticks.


The life in the young city got back to normal. There were no more floods, no more unease or revolutions.

Around that time a couple of new inventions surfaced to intrigue the idle citizens: paper and writing sticks.

Lots of free samples were distributed to inspire the masses to write.

“heath cobbler”
“I write, therefore I have writing stick.”
“immoral acrimony”
“Blasphemous foddertickler!”
“ch1cky FluFFballs”



Gheralf says:

Some of the these words sound eerily familiar. I’m getting the chillies...


Vayandil says:

For the record, people at the time could already read and write. The writing tools only were a bit cumbersome at first, one having to carve text on wooden or stone planks. Later came paint and brushes, but many people hated the paint messing their feathers. Paper and the writing sticks were both so handy that they started a much wider trend of writing stuff down, be it words, aforisms or doodles.