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Privacy Statement:
WHAT Are Cookies And HOW They Are Used on This Site

Cookies are very small text files that are stored on your computer when you visit some websites.

Our site uses two tools that need cookies: Google AdSense for advertisements and Google Analytics to help us understand how our users move in our site. If you're visiting our site outside of EEA (European Economic Area), Google's AdSense advertisements may use cookies to help identify your preferences so they can tailor advertisements for you. Users in EEA see only non-personalized ads that don't identify users in any way.

For further information, you can check Google's policy on using cookies.

You can disable any cookies already stored on your computer by using your browser settings. Disabling cookies won't affect using our site – only thing you may see is that the advertisements might not be functioning properly.

That's the gist of it. If you want even more information, the next part is a breakdown of the different types of cookies, which of these types our site uses and what they are used for.

Necessary Cookies

Definition: Strictly necessary for the operation of our website.
Amount: NONE.

At the moment, there are no strictly necessary cookies on our website, but we may add some in the future if we establish an online shop (our current shirt shop is managed by Threadless and is separate from this site), a login system, a forum or other such hootenannery. In such a case, this policy will be updated without further notice. These cookies will be used to make sure that those new features work and only necessary information contained in them will be shared with third parties.

Functional Cookies

Definition: Attempt to provide you with the best user experience.
Amount: NONE.

Our website used to have a little cookie informer thingie pop up when you first visited us. This kind of cookie is no longer needed because the informer itself is no longer needed. \(OvO)/

Targeting Cookies

Definition: Third parties (Google) recognizing that you have visited this site.
Amount: SOME.

This website will allow our analytics (Google Analytics) to help us understand how our readers use the site.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics uses cookies to report on user interactions on the site. For more information, see Google's policy on cookies in Analytics.


If that wasn't enough rambling for you, you can have more information about cookies here:


If that was too much rambling for you, how about relaxing for a while by looking at actual delicious cookies!

Or you can clear your mind of cookies altogether and get to reading some comics!