#103 Magic Carpet Flight

June 15, 2018
A fancy transport with fancy features for a fancy guy on a fancy quest.


On our way home, the Aviatar needs to visit a “shrine”, so we must land the “magic carpet” into the “Beauty Swamp”.

He gave us some exotic instruments. They sound funny. That apparently appeases the shrine’s “guardians”.

Oh, these guys.
Please do not haul us into the trees. Again.


Gheralf says:

You may be wondering, what separates a “magic” carpet from a “flying” one? Well, from what we can tell from seeing the Aviatar’s:

1. Magic carpet has comfy chairs.
2. And a cargo hold.

I tried to peek in but I couldn’t quite figure out what the things inside the cargo hold were, but I can tell you the place was exceedingly spacious!

The Aviatar is also told to travel by other wonderous transports, things such as a “lighter-than-air device” and something called a “free-gate”. I wonder if he will show them to us!


Vayandil says:

As stressful as encountering the greater owls once again is, on a positive side I get to draw them more! (They were featured in comic #8.) Each individual looks a bit different – especially by their tufts and face markings – and I get to learn new details every moment. Yes, their scrutinizing stare is a bit uncomfortable, but nowhere near the terrorizing pierce of that beast in comic #98, so we can handle it. Somewhat.